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Reverend Mike Wanner . com is the culmination of a long journey involving all aspects of the pursuit of Healing. The son of a Druggist who died from cancer was plunged into the emotional crisis of his family who had endured the slow life deterioration of his dad and then the emotional challenges of the process and his death.

Introduced early to the kindness of Emergency Care Personnel, their peace and positivity  made an impact which would set the stage for a career later.

With a single female parent supporting three children, life was not extravagant, and the damage of the loss of a parent impacted all three kids in different ways.  I got a job at Sears Roebuck and Company while in High School and stayed after graduation.

In the late sixties, the draft framed many choices including mine and I Joined the United States Air Force to have some choices of how risky would be my service. I spent a year and a half in Texas as a Jet Aircraft Mechanic and then I was selected to go to school in Illinois For Maintenance Control as the only Airman in the class and then Back to Texas to control the maintenance of a Laboratory for Precision Measuring Equipment.

After a while, I was selected again to be the only one in that specialty to be sent to a Tropical location called Nhatrang.

I returned to Sears from Vietnam in 1969 and stayed until 1975. My final Sears assignment was as an efficiency expert in Methods – Operational Research and Development.

I had been Volunteering for the same ambulance organization that had helped my father so much. I left Sears in 1975 to start a professional ambulance service to integrate with the Volunteer organization and smooth out the gaps in service in the Philadelphia area.

I worked professionally in the field until 2001 when I devoted my full attention to real estate investing, healing, coaching, and writing.

I still volunteer at Burholme Emergency Medical Services as a Life Member and Board of Directors Member. Incidentally, in 2015 the Pennsylvania Dept. of Health and the Pennsylvania Emergency Health Services Council declared Burholme (Burholme.org) as the Best Emergency Medical Service Agency in Pennsylvania.

More information about healing in my Bio and website resources pages. May all who read this be blessed AND SO IT IS!